Tips for free online music promotion


Personally I would divide social media platforms that music producers can use into two groups:

The hosts and the promoters.

The hosts are the website where you can upload your music for streaming and download.

The promoters are the websites where you can spread the word and create a buzz around your music.

Best hosts:

Bandcamp: If you are looking for a decent platform where you can upload your music and sell it without an extra cost, Bandcamp is your place to be.

Youtube: While youtube is intended to be a video streaming platform, it is one of the most visited websites for music streaming.

My personal tip for you would be to not only upload your full album on your personal channel, but to also search for channels that promote the same genre of your music and contact them for a potential upload.   

Soundcloud: I personally use this platform for its great looking players that I can embed into my website and its ability to upload tracks in private mode that could come in handy if you want to share tracks with specific persons such as record labels, before your public release.

Best promoters:

Twitter: This is a great platform for building a community around your music because it allows you to follow people of the same interest.

My personal tip for you would be to search for people that share the same interests, play the same kind of music, promote the same kind of music, Etc… and follow them. Always have your profile page ready and filled with your best content to captivate them and get them to follow you back.
Be sure to always fill your description and upload your best profile picture and header Image.

Drooble: Drooble is a social network platform that is great for DIY (Do it yourself) musicians and music producers that are looking for collaborations, reviews, feedback Etc… This platform is all about the community, its about sharing and interacting with fellow artists.

My personal tip for you would be to always interact with other users, comment, like and share your work in its communities all while respecting the posting guidelines ofcours. 

Facebook: A platform that needs no introduction and that is known for the numerous tools it provides for self promotion.

My personal tips for you be to,create a page for your project and fill all the required fields with the necessary info, always include a message that explains what your page is about when inviting friends to like it, join groups of similar interests and musical genres and contact pages that promote your musical style for potential promotion.

GOLDEN SOCIAL MEDIA RULE WHEN CREATING A POST: always include a photo that describes your content and don’t forget to put relevant hashtags in the end.


Start preparing your fans and the community around your project by telling them about the release before uploading it on social media or your website.

-You can do so by publishing a poster with catchy graphic art from your upcoming release accompanied by a promotional track. Always state information and the date of release on your promotional poster.

It is important that the graphic art that you choose to represent your music and work be as great as the product you are delivering, because it is the first thing that is going to draw attention to your album.

-You can also publish a video clip or a lyric video.

In case you don’t have the budget you can use stock footage and photos to make something beautiful.

Start building the hype at least three months earlier
Do so by sharing details and photos about the recording process, the lyrics writing, the story behind your album on all your social media accounts.
Contact the press, bloggers, webzines, youtube promo channels,internet radio shows,fb pages that promote your genre. etc…

Tip on how to contact the press
send an email to each one of them stating why you think your album would be interesting to write about with details about your release , a link to your music, video clip, a hi res photo of your band and a press kit.


-Upload free content from time to time such as a downloadable single, video clip or even an album.
-Consider doing a split album with more established artist of the same musical genre.
-Always post with photos and hashtags.
-Consider crowd funding campaigns
-Respond to your fans on social media.
-Sell merchandise at affordable prices.
-Produce regularly.
-use free social media management tools.(Hootsuite,tweet deck,followerwonk)
-Seek sponsorship